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About Us

In the early 1970s, Venerable Seang Heng (常恒法师) initiated the renovation project of Lin San Temple.

He held the “Lin San Temple Reconstruction Ceremony” in 1973, Lin San Temple grew in popularity under the guidance of Venerable Seang Heng (常恒法师). Many followers flocked to the temple to worship Buddha or attend the Buddhist classes.

Besides, Venerable Seang Heng (常恒法师) would take part in ceremonial prayer services, charities at orphanages and elderly homes, providing children’s Dharma lesson, and many more.

20 years ago, Lin San Temple was labelled as an unsafe building and had to be rebuilt. Due to the damage of foundation, insufficient funding and more, Venerable Seang Heng (常恒法师) always wished to rebuild the temple completely, even till his passing in 2017.

After several fundraising efforts from the community, the rebuilding of Lin San Temple has finally come into realization.

Lin San Temple (灵山寺), now is a newly rebuilt Buddhist Temple at 27 Lorong 12 Geylang S399004 which is fully air-conditioned, consisting of luxurious and unique Freehold Columbarium Niches and Ancestral Tablets.

The whole building is 3-story height, providing a comfortable, quiet and elegant environment to all devotees.

Our History


⁠Lin San Temple was founded as early as the 1960s by the Guangdong Venerable Rui Xiang.


After the passing of Late Venerable Rui Xiang, it was taken over by Venerable Seang Heng and Venerable Ming Zhen to manage the affairs of the temple. In 1973, the "Reconstruction and Consecration Ceremony of Lin San Temple" was held, presided over by Venerable Hong Chuan.


However, with the continuous construction of surrounding buildings, the foundation of Lin San Temple suffered serious damage. In 2003, for safety reasons, Lin San Temple had to be demolished and rebuilt. However, due to insufficient funds and modifications to the architectural plans, the reconstruction project had to be postponed.


In 2017, Venerable Seang Heng, who was already 87 years old, shared that his only wish is to see Lin San Temple completes its reconstruction.


In 2018, the disciples who had long followed the Venerable Seang Heng hoped to fulfil his wish and held a fundraising event for the reconstruction. Unfortunately, in the same year, Venerable Seang Heng succumbed to illness and passed away.


⁠To fulfil the late Venerable Seang Heng’s wishes, the disciples established a temple committee and applied to the government to allow the master's remains to be placed in the temple. Soon after, in 2019, Lin San Temple also obtained a permit for the placement of the ashes.


Through a series of fortuitous events, in 2020, Lin San Temple collaborated with the Nirvana Memorial Garden (Singapore), which has always been committed to promoting Buddhist studies, to jointly rebuild the temple.


⁠In 2023, Lin San Temple has finally completed its reconstruction, fulfilling Late Venerable Seang Heng’s wishes. It started anew, allowing the disciples to continue practice Buddhism and study the Dharma in a pure and unsullied temple, which also became a sanctuary for their lives.

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