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Imperial 2

【新推价 – 帝王苑 2】
【New Launch – Imperial 2】

Step into a sanctuary of tranquility and reverence at Lin San Temple’s New Launch Imperial 2 Ancestral Tablet!

Our sacred space is dedicated to honoring the legacy of our ancestors, providing families with a serene environment to reconnect with their heritage. Each ancestral tablet is graced with the protection and blessings of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, embodying the guardian spirit of our cherished lineage.

With a blend of modern elegance and timeless tradition, our ancestral tablets symbolize the utmost respect for our forebears. Every detail, from the sleek design to the serene ambiance, is meticulously crafted to ensure a sense of peace and reverence.

Each pedestal tablet proudly holds up to four engraved names and photographs, offering a heartfelt tribute to our beloved ancestors.

Experience the profound beauty of honoring your family’s history in a space where tradition meets tranquility. 

踏入灵山寺全新推出的帝王苑追思阁 2,感受宁静和尊崇的庇佑之所!





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